13 June 2013

The Things We Say

Oh, parenthood. How many times have Matt or I said something to Little Bear, then realized how incredibly absurd it sounded? Maybe eventually things like this will stop sounding so odd...

Who keeps putting Cheerios in my dishwasher?

Small human, stop licking the bathroom cabinets.

That is your mess to play with, and this is Mama's.

Mmm, did you find a Cheerio on the floor? Those are the best, aren't they?

Daddy doesn't eat socks.

I don't care how many times you throw the octopus; you aren't getting in the shower.

Do we play in dishwashers? No we do not.

I imagine it will only get worse for the next few years as he grows and learns how to do more things... If he's anything like my siblings (and therefore probably me), the first few years will see him starring in an astonishing number of "How did you even come up with that?!?" moments. And Matt and I will get lots of practice at not laughing when he does something he shouldn't and it turns out hilariously poorly.

It's a good thing we have the ability to think back on past events and laugh... there are plenty of things, and I'm sure there will be plenty more, that seemed so awful and frustrating at the time but are funny in retrospect. Getting my mom's car stuck in the snow on top of a mountain the night Matt proposed. Someone backing into our car the day after we got it back from the shop. Little Bear unwinding an entire roll of toilet paper all over the bathroom and down the hall.

As my mother always reminded us growing up, "Someday you'll look back at this and laugh." And we do. And we will, in the future, about those things Little Bear does that make us crazy today. God is so good to have given us that gift!

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  1. My favorite was when Andrew was about a year and a half old and I was baking dinner... "Andrew, stop licking the oven!"