03 June 2013

Menu and Monday

Even though I haven't exactly done a stellar job of actually posting these on Mondays so far, it's been a good discipline to have that nagging expectation in the back of my mind that I will plan the week's menu on or by Monday. We have lovely, cooler weather for at least the first part of the week--50s and 60s--so I don't mind planning meals that require the stove and oven. If it gets hot again, though, some of these will likely change:

Monday: calzones, salad 
Tuesday: chicken/roasted vegetable flatbread 
Wednesday: pork stir fry, brown rice, salad
Thursday: pasta con salsiccia, broccoli 
Friday (Solemnity of the Sacred Heart): dinner with my family 
Saturday (Immaculate Heart of Mary): pork chops, salad, muffins?
Sunday: halibut, baked beans, salad (trying again - last Friday was too hot!)

Aaand, the rest of my post disappeared, and it's not even Tuesday anymore, and I'm not going to try to recreate it right now! Hopefully I'll have a real post up tomorrow.

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