23 June 2013

What I Wore Sunday {20}

Linking up as usual with Fine Linen and Purple for WIWS.

It seems like the longest weekend of the year ought to be at least three days, doesn't it? With the Summer Solstice on Friday, we are at peak sunlight this weekend: the sun technically set at 12:47 this morning and rose at 2:59, but "set" means that the lower edge of the sun scraped along the horizon. To anyone up that late (Little Bear and I!) it just looked like the sun went around in a circle without ever setting. Blackout curtains notwithstanding, the past few nights have never really gotten dark. It is marvelous.

Marvelous, and hot. I learned my lesson last week, and traded in the long sleeves for cap sleeves this morning! Even so, I felt guiltily grateful for Little Bear's fussiness this morning which gave me cause to go out of the packed church and down to the cool basement to feed him. Between Matt and I, we spent at least half of Mass out in the narthex or basement with him... I guess I have to give him a B+ for behavior, since he was still and quiet for the first half in the church proper and any part of the second half when we took him somewhere less hot. I understand, child; I think heat is miserable too.

This morning we had a substitute priest, visiting from the Diocese of Orange, California. I'm glad that our pastor was able to get some help; he usually has four weekend Masses to cover himself, five when the Air Force base doesn't have a Catholic chaplain. And he had to be tired this morning, because he ran in a 10k race that started at 10pm last night (the appropriately-named Midnight Sun Run). 

Don't tell anyone, but today's outfit is actually a repeat from Friday... I wore this to our friends' wedding, loved it, realized that no one who saw me on Friday would see me today, and couldn't resist.

Straw hat: Fred Meyers
Shirt: thrifted
Skirt: Sears
Shoes: borrowed from my sister
Purse: Fred Meyers
Nails (which you probably can't see): Sally Hansen Tough As Nails #310, which is definitely brighter than the nice orangey-pink that it looks like it should be! Be warned :-)

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