07 June 2013

Seven Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 34

Linking up at the end of another week with Jen of Conversion Diary! 

Today has been partly sunny and warmish all day long, which is a welcome respite from the past four days' bipolar switching between hot & sunny and cold & pouring every thirty minutes. Since I couldn't trust the weather to hold steady, Little Bear and I didn't get a good walk in all week... Yes, I'm totally blaming the sky for my laziness. Shush. We will make up for it tomorrow, though: Matt's coworker lent him the P90X program, and we are doing the ab workout tomorrow morning.

The jeep went in to the shop on Monday to take care of the damage from the lady rear-ending it at a stop sign a month ago. It was supposed to be done today, but they called yesterday to let us know that the damage was more extensive than they'd thought, and it would be at least an extra week. As long as the lady's insurance doesn't whine about paying for our rental car for the extra week, I don't mind. Actually, they can whine as much as they want to, as long as they pay for it! Allstate has an agreement with Enterprise, specific to Alaska (sorry), that they will pay for a "comparable" rental vehicle instead of a "reasonably-sized" car. When we got to Enterprise on Monday morning, though, Allstate had only authorized a tiny little car, and we have a small SUV. And I have to say, I think the world of Enterprise: the lady helping us got on the phone with Allstate and argued her way up the chain of command until she got someone willing to actually look at the rules about Alaska and approve upgrading us. I am definitely enjoying driving this 2012 Jeep Liberty!

Sometimes "good news" test results actually aren't all that helpful... Three doctors have now looked at my MRI results, and they all say that it looks great! Nothing's wrong! Except, hmm, something obviously is wrong, I've never seen anything like it, you'd better go see another doctor. I'm now on the hunt for a physical therapist, and am supposed to report back to the orthopedic surgeon in a month. Gee, I wish they were doing all of this work to fix my hip, which actually hurts, instead of my shoulder which is apparently much more medically interesting... I shouldn't complain; I know everyone is trying to figure out what's going on in my shoulder to try to explain what is happening with the rest of my joints.

Little Bear and I had quite the morning in town today, and it made me look forward (happily) to having fun with him as he gets a little older. After dropping Matt off at work, we went to a little coffee shop and shared a Greek yogurt and an oatmeal cookie (oatmeal = breakfast, right?) until we had to head to the orthopedic surgeon's at 9. After that we read stories at the library for a good forty-five minutes, then spent almost that long playing on the swings and slides at a nearby park before visiting the parish where Matt and I were married for the rosary and noon Mass. It was such a fun, relaxed morning, and it was so nice to be doing things that made Little Bear happy instead of dragging a grumpy kidlet from one errand to the next. It also wore him out, and he fell asleep in the car on the way home!

Unfortunately, he woke up when I turned the car off, and it took an hour of chasing him around the house while he tore things apart and created multitudes of messy diapers before he went back down. Oh, well... He has pretty much transitioned himself to one nap a day (against my wishes - he's only 11 months!), so I should be grateful that he fell back to sleep at all.

Dry shampoo. 
So the other day, I found out last-minute-ish-ly that a friend wanted to stop by, and without thinking about it, agreed. "Sure! I'll see you in 20." I hung up, looked in the mirror, looked at the kid, looked at my house. Whoops. The kid needed to be changed, the house looked like a pintsized tornado had been merrily wandering from room to room all day, and my hair... well, I was not fit to be seen in public. Or seen at all. In 20 minutes, I could either clean up after Little Bear or shower--not both (the diaper was obviously getting changed, which ate up five minutes with trying to keep the angry naked pintsized tornado contained until he had a clean diaper on...). The house won.
With a couple of minutes remaining, house straightened, clean child hanging onto my knees and waving a stuffed trout around in his mouth, I remembered hearing someone once mention dry shampoo. Dry, as in no shower? That would've been nice... then I googled it and had a minor heart attack over the price they wanted for a minuscule bottle of scented cornstarch. But I have cornstarch... 
Yes, yes I did comb cornstarch through my hair. And was shocked at how well it worked. Apparently too shocked to think straight, because I was silly enough to tell my husband, who was more than a little amused at the lengths women go to  for fashion. "Why couldn't you have just put a hat on?" Men.

It was phenomenally useful, but I can't even imagine spending that much money for "real" dry shampoo, but if (when) I run into a situation like that again I don't need him laughingly telling the baby about Mama putting food in her hair... at least I didn't use powdered sugar! We don't have any talcum powder or anything like that... If I just fill an empty pretty bottle with cornstarch, label it "dry shampoo," and stick it in the bathroom, will my husband figure it out? Or has anyone actually made their own "real" dry shampoo?

Have a lovely weekend! A blessed Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus today, and Immaculate Heart of Mary tomorrow!

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