21 June 2013

Seven Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 36

Linking up with Jen of ConversionDiary.com for this week's quick takes!

After two+ weeks of hot sunny weather, we woke up this morning to rain and low 60s. It's a pleasant change, but I sure do feel badly for complaining about the heat now, because two of our friends are getting married this afternoon and they were hoping for an outdoor reception! It's still early... Hopefully it will clear up and get warm for them.

This probably should have come before my grousing about the weather, but will you join me in praying for our friends getting married today, and other friends marrying tomorrow? June sure seems to be the month for weddings! And with the many difficulties newly married couples have to contend with today, they can certainly use our prayers!

Thinking about weddings and marriage, this is old and you've probably already seen it, but I just discovered this video of Kimberly Hahn speaking about leadership in marriage and it's very good--It certainly made me consider how we live leadership in our family.

Yesterday morning as I was running around the grocery store, I fell prey to marketing. "Only $1.99!" the bright yellow sign screamed. $1.99 for what? I wondered, heading over and noticing the rows upon rows of brightly-colored vials. Ah... nail polish. Wouldn't that be fun? I could have pretty nails for the wedding tomorrow... Mom and my sisters have had such fun nails recently... Before I knew it, I'd talked myself into putting a bottle in the cart. Me, the one who hasn't had her nails painted in goodness knows how long--Matt has never seen me wear nail polish, even when we were dating! I certainly didn't do anything with them for our wedding... But I guess you never forget how to paint your nails, right?

Not only can you forget how to paint your nails (or at least, paint them more neatly than a third-grader), but you can also definitely forget how badly those color swatch charts lie in purporting to illustrate what color your nails will turn out. I'm planning to wear a flowery blouse in pinks, oranges, and a rich plum purple, and the nail polish I picked up declared itself a shimmering orangey-pink. Perfect! Then I got home, painted my nails distractedly while playing ball with Little Bear, held up my drying nails to admire them... and stared in horror at my hot pink sparkly fingers. And toes. I look like my five-year-old sister picked out my nail polish. And since I haven't painted my nails in eons, what don't I own? That's right; nail polish remover.

I slipped out to the front step this morning while Little Bear was playing with trucks to plant two basil plants, naively hoping that he wouldn't notice for the whole two minutes that I'd be outside. When will I learn? I don't think I even had the plants out of the 6-pack before he was standing at the door, banging on the glass and yelling for me to let him come play in the dirt with me. Being the loving mother that I am, I held the storm door closed with my knee while stuffing the poor basil plants into the pot and trying to convince him to sit down or crawl away from the door. It took a good five minutes to get him to take his weight off the door so I could open it without him falling out. Teaching your children to walk is so overrated...

Physical therapy for my shoulder seems to be going well--it's actually helping, which honestly surprised me since it's been this way for so long that it feels normal. The tentative diagnosis is multidirectional instability (MDI), which has a 90% complete correction rate with six months of physical therapy. So that's good news. Unfortunately, it doesn't provide any immediate answers about my hip, because MDI is specifically atraumatic instability of the shoulder, but it does offer hope that strengthening muscles in my hip would help reduce that pain.

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. I guess there's a reason they were $1.99......