30 June 2013

What I Wore Sunday {21}

Linking with Fine Linen and Purple for their weekly encouragement to wear our best for the Lord!

This morning sure didn't feel like I had a "best" to give... I had all four wisdom teeth out on Friday, and am still quite sore, swollen, and out of it! When my alarm went off at 7:30, I just couldn't face getting up and running out the door right then; my wonderful husband agreed that we could go to a different Mass at a parish closer to home, and I quickly fell back asleep. Unfortunately I didn't set a new alarm, so when I woke up at 9, we did have to scramble to make it to Mass at 9:30!

Faced with the choice of going without ibuprofen or breaking my fast, well, it wasn't really a choice. I know some people would tell me (they already have) that I shouldn't be taking pain medication at all and should just offer up the suffering, especially since I have to take the medication with food and thus couldn't receive Communion today, but honestly? I wouldn't have made it through Mass this morning without something dialing the pain down to a dull roar. And I can't open my mouth wide enough to receive Communion yet, anyway.

We would have been on time, despite the rush. We got to the church on time, and went to the door that opens directly to the stairs leading to the cry room, and it was locked. So we walked back around to the main doors of the church, saw how crowded it was, knew that Little Bear would be a huge distraction if we didn't sit in the cry room, and decided to cut through the social hall to get to the cry room stairs without bothering people. That door was locked, too. We had to go all the way back out and around, and walk quickly and shamefacedly up through a side aisle in the nave to get to the cry room, my face burning at what all of the older folks who know my parents had to be thinking about us for walking in late. Matt didn't mind; "They're the ones who locked all of the doors," he pointed out. But I doubt most of them knew that the doors were locked, and I couldn't help feeling flustered and judged.

Compared to his usual Mass behavior, Little Bear was amazing today. Wonderful. A+. He sat still and quiet for most of Mass, didn't complain about being quickly handed to Daddy whenever he began patting Mama's face, only made a few quiet happy sounds all the way through, and never tried to crawl anywhere. He was so well behaved, people at our regular parish would have thought we'd left him at home. Compared to the dearth of children in the parish we were visiting, though, you'd have thought we had brought in a full drum set from the looks we got for having a real kid, who made noise, in the cry room, obviously disrupting these people horrendously. I don't think we will be going there for Sunday Mass again for a while.

The hat is back this week, attempting to hide my swollen face... Looking at the photo, I guess it didn't really help as much as I'd hoped. I think the glasses just emphasized the roundness, too. And yes, I did try to smile... That's as wide as my mouth goes right now! Oh, to have had these teeth out in high school or college like everyone else...

Hat: Fred Meyers
Glasses: Flexon
Blouse: thrifted
Skirt: Walmart
Shoes: Payless Shoes

Have a lovely afternoon! 


  1. For being post-surgery you look darn good! I looked like a chipmunk when I had two out at one time. The graphic print is lovely and the hat just makes me smile. I wish I could wear them with such flair.

  2. I love your outfit!!! That top is especially adorable. I'm so sorry about your wisdom teeth; I had my removed when I was a sophomore in college, and the pain was horrendous. I ended up getting dry sockets and definitely had the "chipmunk" look. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. You poor thing! I can't even imagine having my wisdom teeth out with a baby to take care of! Prayers :)